We can do a thermografic examination of the breast, the prostate or the whole body.

Health as standard
With a visual or fysical examination there is often nothing to see or feel to the body. A thermografic foto shows more clear wether the bodytissue is healthy or not. A periodic thermografic examination does not only give insight to personal biological processes but also helps to determine the strategy that is going to be used with the therapy. This is the reason that medical thermografic is being used as both primary as preventive research.

Breast and/of prostate health
Overloaded lymph system, hormonal imbalance, inflammations and other invisible problems can be a big threath to the health of the prostate and your breast. All these problems can be find using a thermal imager (thermografic immage).

When conducting thermografic research it is all about the thermal imager which measures the radiated bodytemperature and displays this in a thermogram. In this thermogram swellings, inflammations and blockades become clear.

The thermografic immages in our reporting shows exactly where something goes wrong and how the body reacts after a specific sort of therapy.

Thalamo & Blik op Gezondheid
Thalamo works togheter with the thermograph from Blik op Gezondheid. In this coöperation a Dutch doctor, specialized in thermografics,  does the reporting. Because of this cooperation you are not only secured of a professional analyses and a detailed report but also of a good continuation and possible reffering. Thermografic research is no replacement of Mammography, but Thermographic research has no radiation and therefore it is possible to do it more (preventive) and it is less harmfull.



€ 225,00

1st report: Full body examination


€ 175,00

2nd report: Full body Examination


All scans are being carried out by Agnes Jansen, certified medical Thermograph. The immages are being interpreted by Thermographic doctor Drs. Schotborg, who also makes  a report of these.

To obtain the best result you have to do a couple of things before you participate in our Thermographic examination. These things ensure that the thermal immage of your body doesn’t get influensed by things that don’t have anything to do with your health.

4 days before examination:
Don’t sit in the sun for a long period and don’t go tanning.

1 day before examination:
Don’t exercise to intense.
Cannot undergo physiotherapy.

Day of the examination: 
No drinks containing caffeine like Coca Cola or Red Bull.
No deodorant, cremes, bodylotion or talcum powder.
No tight clothing, especially no tight bra.
Do you have long hair, please take something with you to raise your hair.

3 hours before examination:
No hot drinks like coffee or thea.
No smoking.

Making a appointment.

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