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The moment you are diagnosed with cancer the world stands still and it consumes your life and that of your loved ones. After the initial shock many questions start to arise.

  • What will my future be like?
  • What are the consequences for my loved ones?
  • Can I make my own choices how to be treated?
  • What are the options available?

We would like to assist you in this process. We take a complimentary approach whereby, we first research the options available for you as an individual. Taking both regular medical as alternative treatments into consideration.

What is the Thalamo Immune Protocol?

The Thalamo Immune protocol doesn’t ask you to choose between regular or alternative treatments. We believe that the best of both worlds regular medicine and alternative medicine should be chosen.
Our advice is based on results of a blood test (analysis of the cancer cells) with the goal to determine which treatment regular and alternative will be the most effective based on the individual results of the specific form of cancer you have.

How does Thalamo Immune Protocol work?

1. Make an appointment with the Thalamo doctor for an Intake consult. During the intake you get all the information and an appointment is made to for blood collection.
2. As soon as the results are known of the blood test these are discussed with you. Based on these results a treatment plan is suggested that you can discuss with your oncologist. Your oncologist may always contact Thalamo and/or the research laboratory for more information.
3. Start the advised treatment plan with Thalamo and if possible together with the oncologist.

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